Traditionally serving numerous international privileged clients for many years, CCAZUR FRANCE® has acquired the experience and accredited expertise to create a series of platforms forming all the sectors that they work in.

  • Concierge & Services
  • Real Estate
  • Transportation
  • Yachting
  • Hotels-Restaurants-Clubs-Beaches
  • Nightlife & Entertainment
  • Vacation Planning
  • Event Organization
  • Internet & Communication
  • Sales & Transfers of Alcohols

CCAZUR FRANCE ®'s highly structured business is in part directed by a professional Concierge, bringing the elegance and knowledge of the business, and by a team of devoted "private negotiators" that only the elite have an access to.

Our clients and professional partners are our source of inspiration and remain very precious. CCAZUR FRANCE® and its reliable address book, that allows to drive fantasy to reality, is the result of many years of exceptional work.